Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Special Thanks and News

The messaging board is a stroke of genius and the "Reader's Retreat" (See the link on the right) features Spellfire authors all during the month of February 2007.

There is much more at Coffeetime, readers will find all kinds of reviews and information about all kinds of Romance books, plus details about authors.

More sites will be added as this blog continues to grow.

Special Congrats to the recent award nominees:

Preditors and Editors enjoyed a large response this year
That's a very long list of stories and authors.

CAPA Nominees include:
  • Ann Regantin, Second Sight
  • Bridget Midway, Corporate Seduction
  • Spellfire Hearts Anthology
  • and Mae Powers as a Favorite Author!
And an Eppie Nomination for Ann Regantin, Second Sight!

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