Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jamie Hill's 200th Member Contest

Hey everyone,

My monthly, no chat newsletter is almost up to 200 members, so it's party time! Whoever joins as the 200th member will receive his or her choice of one of my ebook downloads.

And just because I appreciate my current members, after I hit 200, I'll put 200 numbered ping pong balls in a playpen and have my son dive in and pick a winner! (Or something like that, he's 18 now and not as agreeable as he used to be...but one current member will also receive the free download of his or her choice, without having to do a thing.)

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Jamie Hill
Simply Irresistible

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ann Cory’s August Newsletter out now!

Inside this month’s newsletter:

*Intro and brand new Magical Seduction newsletter design!
*Writing News
*New Releases – Spoiled Candy
*Coming Soon
*July Contest Winners
*August Magical Seduction Contest
*Reader Interaction – new recipe, poem, and more!
*Sneak Peek excerpt of Beyond Green Man’s Gate
*Recommended Reads

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~Ann Cory
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Saturday, April 7, 2007

What kind of kisser are you?

You Are a Passionate Kisser

You are the most likely type to kiss a sexy stranger

Your kissing style is unpredictable and free spirited

You could kiss anyone at a drop of a hat

It's all about where your passion leads you

Saturday, March 24, 2007

TGIS - Thank God It's Spring!

Hi fellow MS authors & readers,

I have been so lax in posting since I came on board. So here I am on a Saturday morning, drinking my coffee, and getting ready for an errand filled day : ) But before I tackle that list, I thought I'd post.

I am so happy Spring is here. To me spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, a time to start over. I guess I'm sort of reinventing myself. Have you ever felt the need to start over? Recently, I updated all my web pages, myspace, my newsletter... I have a new slogan - It Begins With A Kiss! Well all love affairs begin that way, don't they? Sometimes all it takes is a kiss to get the heart beating faster.

That is going to be the theme of my books, and I am so excited to be working on a few sexy projects. I'll be chatting with Lizzie T. Leaf in April, and talking about Jaded Beasts 6! You don't want to miss those stories. Lizzie wrote a hilarious story, and mine is a bit more dark, but romantic.

Husband is looking at me with that look, he wants to get started on our errands. He doesn't like shopping after 10 a.m. lol.

I promise to come back and post. Have a great Saturday,

Kara Griffin

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Who's the stud on the phone with??

Yes Ladies that young stud is Jean Val Jean adult performer speaking to me all the way from AEE in Vegas.
I was unable to go this time around but look forward to meeting him hopefully on Feb 5th . He has the richest french accent that would make any woman swoon.

Hi from Cara North

Hi guys this is Cara. I just got the invite. I hope to stop by here and post cool things but it may be boring stuff too. LOL
Anywhoo-just wanted to say hi. Check out my two stories here Purple Monkey and Wild On Tuesdays.
You can learn more about me at

Special Thanks and News

The messaging board is a stroke of genius and the "Reader's Retreat" (See the link on the right) features Spellfire authors all during the month of February 2007.

There is much more at Coffeetime, readers will find all kinds of reviews and information about all kinds of Romance books, plus details about authors.

More sites will be added as this blog continues to grow.

Special Congrats to the recent award nominees:

Preditors and Editors enjoyed a large response this year
That's a very long list of stories and authors.

CAPA Nominees include:
  • Ann Regantin, Second Sight
  • Bridget Midway, Corporate Seduction
  • Spellfire Hearts Anthology
  • and Mae Powers as a Favorite Author!
And an Eppie Nomination for Ann Regantin, Second Sight!

The Mistique of Spellfire, Texas

Rumor has it there is a special town south fo Houston near I 45 to Galveston. You've never heard of Spellfire?

That's OK... if you've been in that area, you might have just missed it because the spells are in place to protect the town. Well, that's a necessity because the population isn't always human. They understand and once you meet a few of the residents, you will see the need for it. has details about this special town.

Join the Spellfire Authors for a review on all things Spellfire at the Coffeetime Romance Forum

If you would like to write for Spellfire, Texas, send your query as directed on the Submissions page at Midnight Showcase.


This blog is sponsored by Midnight Showcase and available for authors of Erotica in any genre.

More will be coming very soon.